[Ordinary but Proud Jiuli People] The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Jiuli's IPO


Release time:2019-12-11

On December 11,2009, Jiuli sounded the bell of listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [Stock symbol :002318]. Over the years, our total output of stainless steel pipe from more than 20,000 tons, increased to more than 90,000 tons in 2018, products cover the land of Huaxia, widely used in various industries. The company is not only a supplier of hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises in China, but also a long-term framework agreement with many well-known international enterprises.

Ten years of deep cultivation and experience ,10 years of growth and take-off. Ten years, the enterprise has been partners and each employee's help and support. December 11,2019, more than 3000 people gathered to celebrate this happy day. 

Ten years is the end of the first journey,

It is also the starting point of a new journey in the next 10 years.

We fly Wulong Teng, wish Jiuli tomorrow will be better.

I shed tears, not only the wine of joyLet me full of joy,

not only the performance upstream

You take my hand in the wind and rain

It is you and me who make me happy

The separation is always in the night,long standing in my heart

The craftsman's heart makes the product excellent,

more than 30 years stick toIn those extraordinary years, I never forget you

Long stand, can not take away, only you

Walk with me in the corner of the park

Until all the lights go out and stay

Sunrise Sunset Park, the tide to go too much moved

Winter to spring busy waiting, running to the end of the dream