Traditional Energy

Traditional energy refers to the primary energy that can be produced on a large scale and widely used. Traditional energy is the most widely used and mature energy in the current society. It is an important material basis for survival and development, and is the source power of human social and economic development. Over the years, the Company has been rooted in the research and development of stainless steel, nickel-based alloy and titanium alloy pipes, making continuous efforts to ensure the safe and stable operation of modern industrial devices. 

Emerging energy

The development of new energy industry is an important way of China's strategic development and the core of the development of "resource-saving" and "environment-friendly" society. The Company actively tracks the development of advanced industries, explores the field of new modern industrial construction, and adheres to the mission of "providing high-performance materials for global industrial equipment". 

High-end Manufacturing

The high-end manufacturing industry is characterized by high technology content, high capital investment, high product added value, high information intensity and high control. The development of high-end manufacturing industry is an inevitable requirement for implementing the national strategy and strengthening the new mission of development. 

Chemical Engineering

The relationship between mankind and chemical industry is very close. The production and application of chemical industry marks the historical stage of human civilization. Chemical pipeline design is a very large and complex process, and in this process, the selection of pipeline materials is the most critical link. The choice of pipeline materials determines the quality and safety of chemical pipeline. 

Marine Environment

With the exhaustion of land resources development, the development and utilization of Marine resources has become a global hot spot. Jiuli is committed to providing high-performance materials for the global industries to help customers overcome the complex environment of ocean engineering, reduce the failure rate caused by materials, and thus improve the overall engineering efficiency. Jiuli's marine pipes, low-temperature pipes, large-diameter thick-walled low-temperature pipes, (super) duplex steel pipes, heating coils, precision instrument pipes and other products have been widely used in shipbuilding, offshore platforms, risers and other fields. 


Biotechnology refers to the use of "organisms", such as animals and plants, microorganisms, etc., to produce effective substances or improve biological characteristics to innovate or reduce costs. Jiuli has been continuously tracking and exploring the world's frontier industries. Over the years, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of "serving users, contributing to society, and developing the company with mature technology and reliable product quality", and has contributed to the industrial development of the biological century. 

Quality Assurance

The company has an integrated quality management system of ISO9001 since 1997. Aiming to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Innovation Platform

The company established a platform including the National Accredited Enterprise Technical Center, Steel Lab as R&D supporting to keep sustainable development.The company conducts industry-university-research cooperation with design institutes such as Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, Shenzhen China General Nuclear Engineering Design Co., Ltd., and Central Iron and Steel Research Institute;Moreover Jiuli pursues research program cooperation with University of Leeds UK and has established Jiuli Center for Corrosion and Integrity