Complete System

The company has an integrated quality management system

The company has established a complete quality assurance system. It imported the ISO9001 QA system in 1997 and continuously improved the system for its effective implementation to ensure that it conforms to the customers, laws, and regulatory requirements, so as to improve the customer satisfaction with the company. 

Complete Detection

Perfect testing facilities can ensure that the quality is safe and reliable.

The company's testing center is equipped with hundreds of scientific research testing instruments such as internationally advanced scanning electron microscope, electric refrigeration ray spectrometer, high temperature endurance testing machine, stress loop testing system, static/dynamic high temperature autoclave corrosion testing system, high temperature, high pressure and slow strain rate corrosion testing machine, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, direct-reading spectrometer, and ion chromatograph, etc., to ensure product quality; 

The company have 4 testing rooms with more than 100 approved testing items. 

Since the laboratory was accredited by CNAS in 2010, the subordinate laboratory has cooperated with Xi'an Maurer Petroleum Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. to establish the "Zhejiang Maurer Jiuli Engineering Materials Joint Laboratory", and with TÜV Rhineland Group to establish a cooperative laboratory for testing metallic materials. 


Full-process Control

The full process is strictly controlled to ensure product quality and safety

The company implements strict full-process control over the production process to ensure that product quality meets user requirements, which is the purpose of Jiuli serving users. For radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, hydrostatic testing, and 100% PMI testing, the company combines the special inspection, mutual inspection, and random inspection (patrol inspection) to ensure that the quality of products is always under control in the production process.