The party committee of Jiuli Group went to AD Group and Geely Automobile Group (Linhai Base) for exchange and study


Release time:2020-11-24

In order to further promote the work of party building, on November 24th, Cai Xingqiang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Jiuli Group, and Zhou Jun, second-level researcher of Huzhou Bureau of Commerce and waiter in the enterprise, led a team to visit the Group and Geely Auto Group (Linhai Base) for exchange and study.


Gao Chunquan, deputy secretary of the party committee of AD Group and executive director of Yonggao shares, led Cai Xingqiang and his party to visit the exhibition hall, staff club and so on, and showed Jiuli the "sunshine" cultural system of the enterprise. AD Group takes the colorful sunshine project as the cultural creation carrier, to build the "sunshine position ", to establish the" sunshine organization ", to lift up the "AD sun" as the main grasp, covering the promotion of development, service staff, training talent, promote harmony and so on. Especially in AD sunshine YCC、 clean AD, pipeline story, pipeline philosophy, pipeline behavior philosophy left a deep impression.