[Jiuli Group and Huzhou Central Hospital] Party building and sharing the fragrance of books


Release time:2020-10-21

The book is the food of the spirit, let the book find a home that needs it, let the knowledge flow up, is the sublimation of the value of the book. On October 21st, Cai Xingqiang, Party Secretary of the Group, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group, presented the books carefully prepared by himself to the Party Committee of Huzhou Central Hospital, so that visitors could share the fragrance of books in the staff library of the Central Hospital. Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of Huzhou Central Hospital Party Committee and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, accepted the gift on behalf of the Central Hospital Party Committee.

At the meeting, the Party committees of both sides discussed matters such as establishing a green channel for medical treatment in the central hospital, going to enterprises for door-to-door medical examination, inviting the most beautiful medical staff of the central hospital to give lectures in the central hospital and carrying out volunteer activities in the central hospital. The two sides expressed that they would establish a daily mechanism to jointly improve the level of Party building and make contributions to the local development of Huzhou through strengthening joint construction activities and branch marriage.