Jiuli - charity a day to donate, product small love into a big love


Release time:2020-10-22

Charity is?

Charity is something that makes you feel very righteous inside.

In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of helping people in distress and doing good deeds, and advocate the spirit of mutual assistance of people-oriented and willing to contribute, Jiuli people actively devote themselves to the one-day charity donation activities.

After receiving the notification of the initiative, the first donation was put into the donation box on October 15th, and all the units in Kyuli voluntarily joined the charity team one after another. According to statistics, the charity donated one day, Jiuli people donated a total of nearly 270,000 yuan.

Send a rose, the hand has lingering fragrance. Jiuli people use their little love to gather great love, hope that this will help those who need to tide over the difficulties.