[Love, Dedication, Dedication, Integrity] Jiuli staff professional ethics construction special report


Release time:2020-11-09

In order to deeply cultivate and practice the socialist core values, continue to strengthen the construction of professional ethics, and promote the corporate culture of love, dedication, dedication and non-corrupt, on November 9th, the Jiuli Group Party Committee organized a special report on employee professional ethics construction education in the lecture hall on the 2nd floor of the administration building. All Party members, active applicants, personages from the democratic parties and relevant administrative personnel at all levels attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Qiu Guoqin, "the most beautiful rebel" of Huzhou Central Hospital, made a special report on "I in battle, the most beautiful country". She shared her experience as the nursing leader of the first batch of COVID-19 emergency medical team in Zhejiang Province and her "comrades in arms" in fighting against the epidemic from five periods of departure, reverse battle, reversal, summary and triumphant return. "The epidemic is the order." "It is our duty to see you out of hospital. Your smile is my greatest wish." In the face of the epidemic, they are not afraid, between doctors and patients to transfer warmth, dedication.

Meng Pengfei, Director of Party and Government Wind Supervision Office of Nanxun District Discipline-Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission, gave a lecture on "Jiuli Group Integrity Education". Meng Pengfei analyzed and narrated the significance of clean government from the system level, the cognition level, the history level and the punishment level. He made an in-depth analysis of the problem of duty crimes in non-public enterprises, and put forward several suggestions. First, he hoped that enterprises should do a good job in the prevention and control of key links, strengthen daily supervision and inspection, and carry out regular warning education. Second, I hope that individuals should have a sense of legal awe in their thoughts and a bottom-line thinking in their actions, starting from the details.

After listening to the two teachers report, the group party secretary, chairman Cai Xingqiang made an important speech. He reminded everyone to seriously study the two teachers dedication, love, dedication of the spirit, do their own work. Party cadres should actively participate in public welfare activities, strive for volunteers, do the most beautiful long standing people.

At the meeting, he focused on the analysis and layout of clean work, one is to form consensus, so that clean work in an orderly way; Second, we need to steadily promote the normalization and standardization of clean work so that the culture of clean work will be rooted in people's hearts

The Party committee plans to plan 2021 as the "Year of Professional Ethics Construction". We will integrate love and dedication, honesty and civilized habits into all our work to further enhance the civilized quality of employees and improve the quality of corporate culture.

Finally, Zhou Zhijiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, made a supplementary speech to the General Assembly. He stressed that building a clean government is related to the survival of enterprises and reflects the needs of building a fair and just management system of the company. The construction of a clean and honest company should rely on Party members and cadres to play a role together, constantly promote, and jointly create a clean and clean working environment.