The first demonstration digital archive in Huzhou -- Jiuli Group Demonstration Digital Archive was inaugurated


Release time:2020-11-16


On November 16, Huzhou Municipal Archives Bureau and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly held the city's private enterprise archives information construction site meeting in the conference room 305 of Jiulii Administration Building.

At the meeting, Zhang Yuxu, general manager of the group, delivered a welcome speech. He welcomed all the leaders and distinguished guests and gave a brief introduction to the development of Jiuli archives.

Huang Danhua, Deputy Director of Municipal Party Committee Office and Director of Municipal Archives Bureau, Wang Feng, Party Secretary of Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhang Zhongzhi, Deputy Director of District Commission Office of Wuxing District, Director of Archives Bureau, Zhang Yuxu, General Manager of the Group, and Cui Liangliang, Deputy General Manager inaugurated Jiuli Group Demonstration Digital Archives.

Group Office Deputy Director Zhang Meihua on the enterprise archives management and information work for a detailed introduction.

Huang Danhua, deputy director of the Municipal Office of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Municipal Archives Bureau, made a concluding speech. He praised Jiuli's advanced experience in archival work and pointed out that the archival work of private enterprises is the precious wealth of the historical inheritance of enterprises and the strong support to realize the value of enterprises.

He combined with the development of the archives work of private enterprises in Huzhou in recent years, put forward that the private enterprises in the city should grasp the real archives work, further improve the importance of the enterprise archives work, further guarantee the supply of "human and property" of the archives work, and further create a strong atmosphere of the archives work. The municipal archives system and the system of the Federation of Industry and Commerce should fully support the archives work of private enterprises, strengthen policy guidance, and introduce guiding opinions and detailed rules for implementation. Innovate the way of archives service, set up a private enterprise archives service think tank of "specialist + expert", cultivate a batch of models by building a platform and focusing on key points, and form a situation of archives work with a demonstration group and a drive group.

The meeting by the city Federation of Industry and Commerce Party Secretary Wang Feng presided over. More than 70 people from archives bureau of city and county, industry and commerce association, management committee of nantaihu new district, archives management of 30 private enterprises in the city and related personnel attended the meeting and visited the archives and product and culture exhibition hall of jiuli group.