Jiuli won the "top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province" and other honors


Release time:2020-12-18

On December 18th, "2020 Zhejiang Enterprise Leaders Summit" hosted by Zhejiang Enterprise Confederation, Zhejiang Entrepreneur Association and Zhejiang Federation of Industrial Economy was held in Hangzhou. More than 500 enterprise representatives from the whole province attended the meeting.

The theme of this summit is "Grabbing the Opportunity to Build a New Pattern, Gathering Heart, Gathering Strength and Starting a New Journey". The summit will report and exchange the achievements of enterprise development in our province in the past year. At the summit, the top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang province in 2020, the 4th Zhejiang Industry Award, the 19th Zhejiang outstanding entrepreneurs and other awards were honored.

Jiuli Group won the award for its comprehensive performance in 2019

Top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province the fastest growth of the top 100 enterprises

Excellent industrial products in Zhejiang Province

Such as honor. Group General Manager Zhang Yuxu represented the company at the meeting and received the award.